The commodity brokers at Slipka Trading Group offer substantial help for the novice commodities trader. We want you to be able to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that are available in commodity trading. To see some of these opportunities, one can look at a commodity like gold or crude oil. Whether trading in futures or options, the commodity charts of the metal and energy futures markets clearly shows the kind of price movement futures trading offers and the benefits one can obtain from such moves.

Make sure commodities are right for you by talking to one of our commodity brokers to help you better understand the risks. After reviewing your risk tolerance, you may determine that your first trade should be in a futures option. A good futures broker, like the ones you’ll find at Slipka Trading Group, can assist you in sorting out the best strategies to fit your trading needs. We think you’ll enjoy working with a commodity broker from Slipka Trading Group, where we average twenty years of experience working with and studying commodity prices to help our clients be more successful traders.

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For traders who want fast, easy, and direct access to worldwide, 24-hour online trading, with discounted commission rates, we have you covered.

If you are able to develop your own trading ideas, and/or are following a course or other software, are comfortable entering your own orders online, and would like to have the option of maintaining contact with a broker for possible guidance then check out this service.

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Our full service futures brokerage program is an excellent value and is structured to support the commodity needs of the new or novice trader who wants help identifying investment opportunities, and assistance in developing and designing trading strategies.

What you can expect from our brokers:
Experienced brokers (averaging 20 years) who will also be your mentor.
Assistance developing a trading plan specifically tailored to meet your needs.
Education help that will show you how you can evaluate a market, and interpret the various chart formations.
A trading teammate who will share with you the strategies he is using.
A broker who will enter your orders, watch over your trades, and be responsible for correct order entry.
Special reports on how to improve your trading skills.
Assistance with the commodity course you may be following.
Discount subscription to the Trade Blaster, (a trade alert program).
Competitive commissions for self directed and broker assisted accounts.

Why take risks you don’t have to. A mentor is one of the quickest ways to learn. You can avoid many of the typical mistakes of the beginning trader when you work with an experienced trader, in our Broker Support Program, at Slipka Trading, Inc.

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